• Felix – Government Products and Services Catalog

    Good service starts with being able to provide the right information to citizens' requests. Felix is our online products and services catalog that helps you with that.
    In addition to good catalog functionality, Felix offers many more conveniences!

  • Microsite - Powered by Drupal Content Management System

    With a microsite you can launch a completely new subsite within 7 days! Ideal for temporary campaigns or small-scaled initiatives such as an informative page for projects, social initiatives, or for marketing purposes.

  • Online Form Builder

    Report an issue, register for an event, or submit a request at a time of your choosing. As a service provider you want to make it simple and accessible for your customers. That's why the smart form builder SIMform is an essential tool in your digital, interactive service.

  • SIMsite - Powered by Drupal Content Management System

    From microsites for smaller projects to multilanguage websites for service providers and local authorities. Powered by a user-friendly content management system, compliant with the latest security, privacy and accessibility requirements.

    SIM Caribbean - Web Development - SIMsite Drupal
  • Text-to-speech (TTS): webReader / docReader / formReader

    Text-to-speech (TTS) gives a voice to businesses and organizations for online, embedded, server or desktop needs, apps, speech production, custom voices and more.

  • Web Analytics Platform

    SIManalytic’s full range of features allows you to evaluate the entire user-journey of everyone who visits your website, powered by Matomo.