Setting up a new website and digitizing a business process takes time, attention and patience. Usually it takes a few months before the end users can experience the end-result of the hard work. This should be faster, right? So that you can go through a short and efficient process, which will save time and money, and your target group can use the new website more quickly. Most importantly, increasing the productivity of your team, and improving your customers experience.

That's what we thought at SIM too! And we can definitely help your organization with this. With the right knowledge, attention and guidance, we can help you achieve optimal results in a shorter time span. 

Personal, experienced, trusted

Our services are tailored to the specific solutions and functionalities to be implemented. However, it is not an unnecessary luxury for projects to require extra knowledge and expertise at certain times. For example, when making design choices, when setting up system integrations or information management. SIM is your knowledge partner for this and can assist you both during and after the project.

This additional service can also be used for a return day in the aftercare phase. Based on the initial feedback of the users, configurations can be adjusted. Periodic workplace supervision by one of our consultants guarantees optimal use of our solutions.

Sitekick sessions

With our Sitekick approach, we provide a more extensive project coordination, to fasttrack the implementation of our powerful solutions:

  • a new, modern website according to the latest trends, web technology and security requirements. Meeting the needs of your visitors!
  • a social platform that brings your community together, centralizing information and communication. While providing members the flexibility to contribute remotely.
  • friendly platforms, to manage all the activities related to conducting paperless meetings, live webcast, and engaging webcare.

Want to know more?

Our consultant is happy to tell you what the possibilities are for your organization.

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