Our Community consists of:

  • our loyal customers, trusting us to optimize their processes with our solutions, secure their online presence and business continuity, elevate the quality of their customer service and provide pro-active personal support.
  • our experienced solution partners, supplying innovative solutions, and continuously improving these applications to comply with the latest security - and accessibility requirements, and the (short & long-term) market demand.
  • our dedicated team, going the extra mile and sparing no effort to ensure our customers' satisfaction and business continuity.
  • Our Dedicated Team

    Everyone is participating! For us, this means more than ensuring online accessibility. 
    SIMmers enjoy working with stakeholders from all over the organization to achieve project goals.

  • Our Loyal Customers

    Our customers include local governments, housing & healthcare foundations, tax advisory organizations, legal authorities, and various social service providers.

  • Our Solution Partners

    SIM and her trusted partners have the solutions that suit your needs and comply with international accessibility and security standards.