With a microsite you can launch a completely new subsite within 7 days! Ideal for temporary campaigns or small-scaled initiatives such as an informative page for projects, social initiatives, or for marketing purposes.

For $99 a month and one-time setup fee starting at $1.260, your new microsite can be launched. This microsite also meets all security requirements, is technically accessible, and complies with the latest standards.

You'll manage this new subsite with our award- winning SIMsite Drupal CMS, and easily fill content following a guided tour. This way you can get started right away!


The new environment can be launched within 1 week.
Straightforward; a simple environment with which you can easily fulfill the need to provide specific information to a target group online.


Apply the latest Drupal CMS from SIM. Awarded two Splash awards by the Drupal community as the best development within the government of the Netherlands and internationally!

Do it yourself

Through a guided tour you can easily setup and organize the content on the website independently. Without extra training and extensive implementation activities.

Your own look & feel

Apply your own look & feel to the website. Without complicated HTML coding. In addition, we guarantee that the site will be accessible and secured.

Try SIMsite Drupal

Is your organization not using SIMsite Drupal yet? In this case our microsite is the perfect application to try this out! With this concept, it is possible to transfer an external subsite or subsite from SIMsite-3 within a week.

We take the fact that various organizations manage to independently use SIMsite Drupal, as a compliment for its user-friendliness. And if additional support is needed, we will certainly arrange it!

Request a demo

The difference between a full website and a SIM microsite

It is important to understand the difference between a full website and a microsite. Above all, a microsite can be arranged quickly. The environment will be available and you can go live in 7 days.
The choice is yours. A microsite is delivered with a guided tour (online) instead of consultancy services.

A microsite as a subsite should also be timely. A version of SIMsite Drupal with limited functions is applied, which means for example, that no integrations are set up and not all extensive features are available.

Finally, a microsite also serves as a platform for departments in need of a sub-environment to publish or highlight specific information. You can authorize colleagues for sections of the (main) corporate website, but with a microsite you can also provide them their own environment. An environment in which security and accessibility are well-guaranteed!