Good service starts with being able to provide the right information to citizens' requests. Felix is our products and services catalog that helps you with that.

In addition to good catalog functionality, Felix offers many more conveniences!

What is Felix?

Felix is ​​our new future proof product and service catalog. It offers a well-ordered and complete overview of all products and services offered by local authorities. Standard descriptions are available for the most commonly used products. These are written at B1 language level and from the citizens' point of view, so it's easily understood by everyone.

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The advantages of Felix

The great advantage of Felix is ​​that the information is centrally managed and can be used multiple times. So the information is not only available on the website in an online product and service catalog, but can also be linked to our customer contact system. Keeping the information up to date is SIMplified thanks to the smarter design of Felix.

10 proven advantages at a glance

  • Information from the catalog is uniform across the organization
  • Manage products and services centrally, use on multiple places/platforms
  • Automatically publish at a specific time
  • Product name is customizable
  • Content structure is flexible
  • Simple multilingual
  • Change notifications


The implementation of Felix, or migration from SIMloket to Felix, mainly involves the content. We take care of the technical challenges during the implementation of this new application as much as possible for you.

The implementation of Felix is usually possible within 4 weeks, and can easily be added as part of a SIMsitekick project.

Felix – Our Online Products and Services catalog

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