Customer Engagement

  • Customer Contact System

    Our Customer Contact System is a cloud solution that helps to manage customer contact across all channels better and more efficiently. Instead of separate applications and virtual counters, customer contacts across all channels are centralized in one application.

    SIM Caribbean - Omnichannel Customer Service
  • Email Marketing Automation

    Spotler provides powerful software for email marketing, transactional emails , social media management and personalization in all your marketing channels.

  • Incident Report Management

    Get an overview of all incident reports within the public space: from receiving the report, to classification, monitoring and assigning the right person to solve the problem. Track and archive all incoming reports in one user-friendly interface with Reppido.

    SIM Caribbean - Incident Report Management - Reppido
  • Online Appointment Management

    Appointments, reservations and visitor registration in one application.
    With JCC Appointment Management you always have control over your visitor flow; whether you work partially or completely by appointment, for one department or organization-wide.

  • Webcare & Media Monitoring

    Increase customer satisfaction with excellent online customer service and social media management with OBI Engage, powered by OBI4wan.

  • WhatsApp Proactive Messaging

    Proactively sending personalized WhatsApp messages for business use has numerous benefits that resonate well with the Caribbean audience. Manage all inbound and outbound WhatsApp messages effectively by integrating them into our Eazy Dashboard.

    WhatsApp Proactive Messaging - Dashboard