Appointments, reservations and visitor registration in one application.
With JCC Appointment Management you always have control over your visitor flow; whether you work partially or completely by appointment, for one department or organization-wide. In addition, you can use JCC Appointments internally. Schedule meetings with colleagues or external parties, automatically link a suitable room and select your needs.
This way you always have the right people in the right place

The renewed online appointment portal

You now have the option to request additional information when providing appointment requests online to your customers. Think, for example, of requesting additional information or documents for a permit. You can decide whish additional information is needed. In addition, this new portal is delivered as an online service from a secured and certified environment , hosted by our experienced Conxillium partner JCC Software. This means you always have the latest version available and you are assured of an online appointment portal that meets all legal requirements.

Online appointment requests, the way that suits your customers best

Your visitors can make, change and cancel an appointment online on any device. This way you know in advance exactly who is coming, when and for which product or service. For vis

Automatic time suggestion

When making an appointment, the visitor receives a time proposal so that your appointment agendas no longer contain empty time slots. Of course, the visitor can also choose a time.

For visitors who prefer to request by telephone, your employee can also make an appointment quickly and easily.

JCC Appointments

My Appointment app

“My appointment” is a web application that guides visitors through their way to their appointment; from making the appointment up to and including reporting the visitor's arrival at the appointment location. This way they no longer have to queue at the reception or registration kiosk.

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Confirm your arrival to the appointment

A visitor with an appointment can indicate his/her arrival through a reception, the registration kiosk or of course through the “My appointment” app. Is there a specific employee linked to the appointment? Then this employee will immediately receive a notification that his/her appointment has arrived.

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Outlook integration

Are you dealing with appointments to which specific employees are assigned?

Our integration to the personal Outlook calendars checks the availability of the employee. Are one or more colleagues unavailable? Then JCC-Appointments will automatically propose the most suitable time when everyone is available. The integration also works the other way around: the agenda is immediately updated with the correct information.