To make democracy accessible to everybody and to exclude no one unnecessarily – that’s the concept behind Company Webcast’s format for local governments. Involve stakeholders in decisions and policymaking at committee meetings. Involve citizens, civil servants and professionals in municipal or provincial meetings. Give journalists a modern technological platform which enables them to follow live debates, to watch them afterwards and to share them with their readers.

From transparency to participation

Company Webcast is the pioneer in the field of webcasting for local governments. We know how important it is to make decision-making genuinely transparent for everyone, with no exceptions – even if it is difficult for them to attend in person. We go further than anyone else – we work to create true digital interaction between stakeholders. They are not only able to watch or listen live, but they can also get involved and ask questions, either directly or via a Twitter feed or chat. As well as closing the gap between yourself and local citizens, this also enables you to facilitate and stimulate active participation, for everybody.

Video minutes

Traditional minute-taking is a thing of the past. With our webcasts, you have access to video minutes: the webcast itself. Councilors, citizens and journalists can all locate and review the relevant images quickly and easily in our webcast portal. It is possible to search based on topic, speaker or political party, or combinations thereof. Simply share parts of the broadcast or selected video clips and extend both the reach and the transparency within local politics.


One of the strengths of our webcast technology is that we have existing links with all the most important applications and systems currently in use in the political arena – that saves time, money and customisation. The webcast platform is easy to integrate with:

  1. Paperless meetings: All local government bodies are involved in the shift towards paperless meetings, and the benefits are endless. The integration of your live webcast and archived broadcasts is compatible with paperless meeting systems such as iBabs for example.
  2. Council information systems: No more double data entry for the meeting or the agenda. All webcasts are automatically distributed within your information management system. We support integration with various standards. See example(external link).
  3. Discussion systems: Most meeting rooms have a professional audio discussion system which is also often equipped with video cameras. Our webcast platform is compatible with virtually all discussion systems to enable the automatic on-screen display of speaker details. Hence, the entire webcast can be searched based on speaker and/or political party name afterwards.

Join the close to 100 other local government bodies who have already chosen our webcast solution. Broadcast your meetings transparently and intelligently. Involve your local citizens – go beyond merely making democracy accessible in real time by also offering citizens all the latest participation techniques.