Effective & easy meeting management

iBabs empowers everyone who has ever organized – or attended – a meeting. With a seemingly simple app that offers complete control and a comprehensive overview of all those fiddly details. With about 3000 organizations and over 300,000 users, iBabs gives you peace of mind. So you can quickly organize effective meetings, and good decisions can be made with confidence.

The board portal to organize and run board meetings more efficiently.

Simplify the organization of your board meetings. Save hours preparing agendas and board packs. Collaborate easily with annotations, voting and meeting summaries. On any device, anywhere.

Make good decisions with confidence

Power through agendas and documents, make more informed decisions and conduct board meetings faster. iBabs not only captures the entire decision-making process – it takes all the paperwork out of meetings.

Stable, secure and trusted from experienced developers

  • AES-256 BIT: iBabs uses the same secure encryption trusted by banks and departments of defense – 256-bits AES encryption. Because of stricter privacy laws, all our servers are located in Europe.
  • ISO certified: All iBabs processes and procedures comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 requirements, that ensure iBabs meets international information security standards.
  • 24/7 support: With round-the-clock support, we’ve already made productive meetings go more smoothly for more than 300,000 people.

Save time and stay in control

Meetings don’t just happen around the corner – they happen anytime, anywhere on iBabs. All that calls for expert coordination. Discover the paperless meeting advantage, as iBabs makes work easier and saves you valuable time.

 iBabs helps you easily manage all the tricky details around a meeting with our easy-to-use app.

iBabs Paperless Meeting Application

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iBabs Connect - Integrated video meeting tool

All-in-one solution

iBabs Connect is a fully secured video meeting tool integrated directly within iBabs.

With just one click, you’re instantly connected to a virtual meeting room together with the other meeting participants, which means that you don’t have to switch between applications to check the agenda and other supporting documents.

Regardless of whether you’re sitting in the same room, or your team is spread across the world, everyone can connect from their tablet, mobile or desktop.