From microsites for smaller projects to multilanguage websites for service providers and local authorities. Powered by a user-friendly content management system, compliant with the latest security, privacy and accessibility requirements. 

SIMsite Drupal includes top task prioritization, user-friendly content & structure; the ingredients for a successful website for your customers/citizens. Top Task Analysis identifies the tasks that users want to accomplish with your product frequently, and those that only play a minor role. This allows for user-centred and evidence-based prioritization of content and resources.

Do you want to optimize the website and CMS of your organization, make it accessible and contribute to transparent communication? With SIMsite Drupal you achieve these goals. And your website also looks good across all devices! We involve the internal organization in the development, but more importantly, we have the new website tested by the end users for which it is intended. 

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SIM Caribbean - SIMsite Drupal - Secured Content Management System

How does SIMsite Drupal work?

For the visitor

A website that gives the visitor more personalized information.

  • Most important enquiries directly available through Top Tasks
  • Improve the visitor experience through images
  • Personal; possibility to deliver feedback directly on the content and contact the content administrator

For the webmaster

An interface in which the focus lies on adding and modifying content. 

  • Simple; add content at the touch of a button
  • Flexible; add paragraphs per item
  • Feature complete; includes the latest techniques from the Drupal 8 community

Client case: Tax Department Aruba Government

Flexibility with unique templates

With SIMsite Drupal, your organization can immediately benefit from the best practices of other business cases. By continuously optimizing our templates, your target group will always get the best results.

Take a look through these template examples:

SIMsitekick: Switch to SIMsite Drupal in 10 weeks!

The decision has been made: your organization wants to switch to SIMsite Drupal. But what is involved in the migration process and how do you ensure that it goes smoothly? With our 'SIMsitekick' approach, we can launch your online platform within 10 weeks, with the specific configurations so that it perfectly matches your corporate identity and seamlessly meets the expectations of your visitors. Curious about our approach?

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Let us take you through the highlights of SIMsite Drupal

New developments in regards to websites and Content Management Systems keep coming; SIMsite Drupal is ready and future-proof.

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Why SIMsite Drupal?

Premium partner Drupal community

SIMsite Drupal was created in co-creation with our customers. It has the power of community software. Worldwide there are about 100,000 developers actively working with Drupal. The development of new modules is therefore very fast. It is a proven system with many specific modules aimed at governments. SIMgroup is also a Premium Partner of Drupal and actively contributes to improving the global CMS.


Day and night we ensure that the security of your online environment is guaranteed. Our systems are subject to the strictest security requirements. Also internally there is a lot of attention for safety and the associated processes. SIMgroup has been ISO 9001 and 27001 certified since 2018. 

Complies with the Accessible guidelines

We develop websites that are user-friendly and easily accessible for all customers and companies. Together with our strategic partners, we also ensure that the technology behind digital accessibility is in accordance with the latest guidelines.


Creating a new website is a long process? This is not the case with SIM. With the guidance of our team of experienced consultants, your organization will have a new website live within 10 weeks with our unique SIMsitekick approach!


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