SIM Caribbean proudly coordinated the implementation of iBabs Paperless Meetings, a project that started back in 2019.

Today we congratulate the Cabinet for this important milestone in which - just as the Parliament of Curaçao and the Parliament of Aruba -, our platform is proactively used to manage their council meetings.

The Cabinet of Curaçao consists of several ministers and is headed by a prime minister (Dutch: minister president).

The Council meets every Wednesday in Fort Amsterdam’s main building to discuss documents pertaining to general government policy. During these meetings, decisions are made in the area of the nine ministries of the Government of Curaçao.

iBabs empowers everyone who has ever organized – or attended – a meeting. With a seemingly simple app that offers complete control and a comprehensive overview of all those fiddly details. With about 3000 organizations and over 300,000 users, iBabs gives you peace of mind. So you can quickly organize effective meetings, and good decisions can be made with confidence. 

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