We recently witnessed up close the renovation of Passangrahan, the council hall of our client, the Island Council of Bonaire. Particularly notable was our collaboration with various innovative partners and both local and international stakeholders, to elevate their meeting management, publication, and archiving to the next level.

In this project, alongside the website developed by SIM and the migration to the new Council Information System from our partner iBabs, we also achieved integration with the live & on-demand webcast solution from our partner Company Webcast, a Euronext Company. This was part of the council hall refurbishment, during which the entire AV infrastructure was updated in collaboration with AVEX International.

We are proud that the Council of Bonaire, as a SIM Caribbean client, now has, like our previous clients the Councils of Aruba and Curaçao, this powerful integration of hardware and software. 

This facilitates ease of use for the clerks and council members, and provides transparency and accessible information for citizens.

Teamwork Island Council Boniare - SIM
Representatives of the Island Council of Bonaire, OLB, Company Webcast, SIM & iBabs.

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