Providing iBabs practical sessions to members of the Curaçao Parliament! 

We're on a mission to boost efficiency within the parliamentary process with digital innovation. It's great to see the interest and commitment to adopting new technologies for more transparency and information consistency.
A big thank you to everyone involved for embracing this journey towards digital excellence!

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iBabs onboarding at the Parliament of Curaçao
iBabs onboarding at the Parliament of Curaçao.

The Parliament of Curaçao is the legislative body responsible for governing this dynamic Caribbean island. It is tasked with crafting laws, overseeing the budget, and shaping policies to steer Curaçao's development. Comprising elected representatives, the Parliament ensures that the island's legislative process reflects the needs and aspirations of its citizens, playing a key role in the island's governance and economic progression. This institution is pivotal in maintaining the balance between various stakeholders and driving forward the agenda for sustainable development and prosperity in Curaçao.

Parliament of Curaçao