The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) is currently investigating two complaints about the use of Google Analytics in the Netherlands. As soon as the investigation has been completed, AP can say whether Google Analytics is still allowed in the Netherlands in its current form or not. What does that mean in short?

The reason is the ruling of the Austrian privacy regulator. In mid-January, they stated that the use of Google's statistics program is in violation of the GDPR. According to the Datenschutzbehörde (DSB), when using Google Analytics, personal data is sent to Google in the United States, including user identifiers, IP addresses and browser parameters.

SIM analytics

If you use SIM tools such as SIManalytics and SIM Digital Monitor, the ruling will have no consequences. We do not use Google Analytics in these solutions. If you do use Google's statistics program yourself, it may mean that you have to look for another analytics tool. It is also possible that Google will make the necessary adjustments to be GDPR-proof. Time will tell. SIM will continue monitoring these developments closely.

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